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Swab Lines - 5/16" Swab Line

Swab Lines - 5/16" Swab Line


1x19 (1-6-12)
Inner Layer - Left
Outside diameter:
Center wire diameter: 0.072” (1.83 mm)
Number of outer wires: 6  
Outer wire diameter: .062” (1.57 mm)
Outer Layer - Right
Outside diameter: .313” (7.94 mm)
Number wires: 12  
Wire diameter: .062” (1.57 mm)


Breaking Strength: 13,900 lbs (61.83 kN)
Maximum Suggested Working Tension: 6,950 lbs (30.92 kN)
Weight: 207.6 lb/Kft (308.9 kg/km)
Diameter Tolerance: ± 2%  
Stretch Coefficient: 1.10 ft/Kft/Klb  
Minimum Sheave Diameter: 25" (63.50 cm)
  • The armor wires are high tensile, Galvanized Improved Plow Steel (GIPS), and coated with anti-corrosion compound for protection during shipping and storing. Wires are preformed and cables are postformed.
  • SUPERSEAL, a special pressure seal agent, is applied between armor layers.

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