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Technical Reference

Wellbore Corrosives

Electromechanical cables: hidden workhorses of the oil & gas industry

In this article published in Stainless Steel World Magazine Dustin Dunning, Camesa's Western Hemisphere Sales Manager explains some of the challenges that electromechanical cables must overcome.

PDFView DocumentDate of Publication: September 2015

Forensic Analysis of a Corroded Wireline Data Logging Cable Sample with a Brass Rope Socket Cone

This article looks at  how galvanic corrosion could be a concern with brass rope socket cones, especially when used in an environment containing hydrochloric acid.

PDFView DocumentDate of Publication: April 2014
Source: Technical Bulletin (4 pages)

Hydrogen Sulfide – Standard Cables

This bulletin gives an overview of hydrogen sulfide and its effect on cables.

PDFView DocumentDate of Publication: February 2012
Source: Technical Bulletin (1 page)